Any explanation?

I Recently have been feeling unusual. I have been feeling exhausted, my stomach feels bloated and I get stomach cramps. the base of my back is hurting and my bum and my thighs. I also keep getting headaches and have been feeling nauseous. any ideas what this is?
Asked Jun 02, 2013
Edited Jun 03, 2013
Have you by chance had a big work out, a run or any type of large exercise? If not then go and talk to your doctor
Answered Jun 03, 2013
no I haven't had any exercise like that, i'm not very sporty, sadly I can't see a doctor
nope and I can't see a doctor
Why can't you see a doctor??
i'm in france and have to pay for medical services, no work= no money= no doctor
i'll just have to wait until I find a job :)
have you been with anyone?! And ur a girl...right? You just might be pregnant
Answered Jun 05, 2013
AHHHHHH!!!!!! lol I don't know if I am i'll see if I get a monthly visit from Mother Nature
I know this was quite a while ago now but it sounds like you were just about to go on your period :)

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