Do you like your name?

Hi. My name is Melissa and I absolutely hate it. It's dated, I have never met someone my age(I'm 16)or younger with this name. I know 5 Melissas but they are women in their 30s/40s/50s. And plus, it's kind of boring. My parents almost named me Alicia or Hannah.
What about you? How do you feel about your name? Here are some questions:
A. What is your name
B. Do you like it or dislike it
C. Why do you like/dislike it
D.What are some names that you wished your parents gave you


Asked Jun 01, 2013
First of all its only a name,U can change it to any new people u meet u can tell them some cool name,but that wont be your name it would be something u made up coz u didn like wat was given to you.Its almost like people having plastic surgery to look beautiful coz they dont want to have average looks or not happy with what they were blessed.
A.My name is Arnab (If u think its a weird name,dats coz I'm from India)
B.I am not crazy about it.(Bit it does mean Ocean)
C.Its just a name,like if I have a pet dog n name him 'mate' he wouldn't complain about it but respond everytime I call out 'mate' n I dont think he wud mind coz whatever I named him it was out of love and affection towards him u know.
D.I dont wish anything like that,then the next thing would be I wish I was 6'2" tall with a great face and awsome hair n u knw where I am getting at.

And Melissa,u have a very sweet name so dont fret over it.U r 16 u will get thoughts like this its natural but trust me u'll stop worrying about it.
Answered Jun 01, 2013
hey u can change ur name now ,, like paris hilton did ,, its ur lyf change it if u dnt lyk it
Answered Jun 25, 2013
hey my names kylie and I HATE IT because it sounds babyish I can name like 10 names I want
Answered Oct 28, 2013
Xandria and I love it
Answered Oct 28, 2013
Candyce and I like it because I'm the only person I've met with "y" in my name and if I could have another name probably Aaliyah or Veronica
Answered Oct 28, 2013
Edited Oct 28, 2013

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