How come I have -40 reputation score?

I am new to Ehelp and cannot understand how I have got -40 score if I have answered 9 questions and asked 3? is there a facility that can tell me where I have gained/lost points or could someone explain the 'tariff' please? All non - confusing answers welcome!xxx
Asked May 31, 2013
Minus 40 sounds like you have had 2 questions removed for rules violations.

Voting a question or answer up adds 5 points to their Reputation score.
Voting it down causes them to lose 2 points.
If a post is removed for violating the rules, they lose 20 points.

The rules are:
* You cannot post identifying information (Email, Name, Address, Telephone)
* You cannot use Ehelp to promote products or web sites.
* You cannot attack or abuse other members.
* Any other posts judged to be outside the intended purpose of exchanging useful information may be removed.
Answered May 31, 2013
admin someone's violating a rule!

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