Any recommendations on doing pushups when one wrist will not bend backwards?

Due to injury in Desert Storm I cannot bend my right wrist backwards because of metal plates and pins. How can I properly do a pushup without putting so much strain on it. I am getting older and I have been doing them on my knuckles but now that is starting to make my wrist swell with pain. Any recommendations would be great, thanks for reading. Semper Fi
Asked May 30, 2013
Edited May 30, 2013
I would experiment. If you are able to curl your fingers around a bar, try laying on your back and using a bar bell or couple of dumb bells, pushing them up and away from you to see if that might lessen the pressure on your wrist.

It also might be worth trying to do conventional pushups off a barbell instead of the floor. If you can wrap your fingers around the bar, that might help control the angle better to keep the back pressure off the wrist.

Answered May 30, 2013
I will try both recommendations. Thank you....
Fist/knuckle push-ups
Answered Jun 02, 2013

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