What size is a 12 year old penis supposed to be?

I have a friend who 12 and he wants to know.......
Asked May 29, 2013
I would help you out but unfortunetely I can't because I don't have one..xxxx
Answered May 29, 2013
That's something u shouldn't worry about seriously
Answered Jul 16, 2013
mine is about 2.5 inches hung 4 inches or so erect just checked! ;)
Answered Jul 19, 2013
Very normal
Synq May 11, 2019
Like ears, toes and fingers, there is no standard size for a penis. There isn't even an accurate average size. Imagine someone with a ruler going around knocking on doors saying, "Excuse me sir but I'm doing a study on penis sizes and I'd like to measure yours..." :-)

You can't change your penis size but you can change your brain. Tell your friend he'll get a lot more women with a fat wallet than a fat dick.
Answered Jul 20, 2013
The best thing you can do for yourself right now is use a penis health creme that contains Vitamins A, B5, C, D and E. These vitamins keep the penis extra healthy, which will not only improve its overall look and feel, but allow it to reach its full potential as well. You have many years still to grow and a creme like this will help keep things extra healthy down there. Good luck.
Answered May 23, 2017
I'm 12 and mines 3inch hard and 1 1/2 soft
Answered Mar 27, 2018
I’m twelve and mine is 5.6 inch’s erected and idk flaccid
Thats normal
Synq May 11, 2019
mine is 4.5 im 12
Answered Nov 20, 2019
Edited Nov 20, 2019

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