Does this guy like me please help me im so confused!

okay so, I really like this guy and I think he likes me too! we met about 5 years ago and I liked him from the start! but then I got over him and didnt notice him as we were in 2 different years but I done ty and he didnt so now we are in the same year and we have good strong conversations, the reason I think he likes me is because on nights out he would come up to me and be like "wellll whats the craic?" (I'm from Ireland that's how we greet eachother) and he hugs me and kisses me on the cheek, he teases and mocks me but not in a rude way! and even when im telling a story to my friend he would be listening and would ask questions about the story even though I wouldn't be talking to him! and I catch him staring whilst I walk past him in the halls or he would purposely get in my way and be like ohh christ im sorry so what should I do and is there any sly ways of letting him know that I like him? or any subtle ways of finding out if he likes me? :) thanks :D
Asked May 28, 2013
Is kissing on the cheek a common form of greeting in Ireland? If not, to me that would be the biggest indicator of interest (IOI). But I think you're in luck this time, it sounds like he's interested in you but can't say for sure he is interested ONLY in you. Good luck!

Answer mine?
Answered May 28, 2013

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