I have a problem please help

Ok so I have a problem.

I'm gay but I can't stop checking out women. It's honestly a subconscious thing for me I can be minding my own business and next thing I know I'm looking at a women. I know for a fact I'm gay I honestly have tried to see if maybe because of this I was wrong and maybe I am Bi but I'm not. I went so far as to try to have sex with a female and I couldn't feel anything other than a huge feeling of wrongness. I like guys, I can literally only see myself with guys and I'm not attracted to women at all but I can't stop looking at them. Even more so than usual if they are conventionally pretty. It's frustrating and trying not to only makes it worse. I won't get involved in my local gay community because I'm terrified of being called out on it. I even get tongue tied when said girls talk to me. So why is this happening to me if I'm not attracted to them sexually and how do I stop.
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Asked May 28, 2013
Edited May 28, 2013
To feel "wrongness" you have to be comparing your behavior to a per-conceived notion of what is right. It works better if you forget the labels and just be you. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being gay and finding some women attractive any more than a lesbian thinking a guy is cute. You don't have to stop looking, you just have to learn to accept yourself as you are, including the contradictions. There are many of us that don't fit any label and that's OK. What's important is that you feel comfortable being yourself.

Answered May 28, 2013

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