Which is the best course? Accountancy or Management?

Im in my first year college this coming juen and I get really confuse for my course. I confirmed the Accountancy during the enrollment but it has a qualifying exam to know whether I will be disqualified in my course or not. Well I had a friend whosaid that he will prefer management because it is a general course and there's a lot of jobs in it while Accounting are mostly in banks. Now im planning to fail my examination but I think I will regret the 1st sem that I will be wasting.

Somebody advice me please?
Asked May 28, 2013
Your friend is right that management offers a much broader range of possibilities than accounting. Accounting only deals with the financial issues where management can qualify you for a broad range of jobs from the many small divisions of an organization to the CEO at the top. That is not to say that a person with an accounting background could never be CEO. Understanding the finances is one of the most critical areas of what a CEO does. I'm just saying that the route to the top is a much narrower path for an accountant than a manager.

To make your choice, consider what you would be happy doing every day of your working life. Would you want to only crunch the numbers or would you rather deal with a wide range of challenges directed toward meeting the organizations goals?
Answered May 28, 2013
Well, I never like Accounting that much. Before I knew whats inside the management course, the people around me said that Accounting is one of the best course I can take. I chose the course that will made my life in the future successful. But my friend said that I will never be an employee forever so he will prefer management for me. So yes, thank you. Im going to fail my examination so that I can shift to Sales Management. Thanks for the response, Rob. Thats helpful :)

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