Ex Girlfriend problems.

So, me and my ex were together for 4 years, we have been through quite a bit in that period of time.

Well, long story short she was in rehab, got out, and started getitng ehr life together. Her and I were talking on the phone almost everyday after untill she mentioned some guy at her work and shortly after stoped talking for a whole month, now she just called me tonight telling me hes inexperienced and she misses me, what should I do? and what has she been doing?

Mind you, I'm pretty clever but girls can be manipulative and mischevious so I like to hear from someone that has gone through this, thank you.
Asked May 26, 2013
I wanna just say that I am a girl, well a woman and the last thing I am is manipulative. If she is.. Then something is wrong with her. And if all the girls you date are, then you are not doing a good job picking out your girls. It sounds like she tried to be with someone else and it didn't work out so now she's trying to come back to you. I wouldn't let it happen. If its happened once, it will happen again. On the other hand if you made her think you weren't interested anymore or that you were just friends, she may have done it to feel wanted. Also I don't know what be inexperienced has to do with anything. If anything that just means she wasn't getting what she wanted out of him.
Answered May 26, 2013
Yeah I agree my ex she did the same thing when things dont work out she clearly see's you as a sort of back up that dint work with the other fella so she jumps back to you. Not good idea to fall for that but its tottaly up to you see how you feel and if you want to give it another go or not
Answered May 26, 2013
Kad16 May 30, 2013

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