Will keeping my contacts on really damage my eyes?

Hey people! So I just wanted to know if it's bad to keep my contacts on for... let's say 2 weeks without taking them off. Every two week I wear a new set. The thing is, I had regular glasses but I also play softball and I didn't wear them b/c I was scared they were gonna break or get scratched up.

My mom finally got me contacts but I was never secure on putting them on. IDK I hate touching my eye ball lol. I can put them on, but it'll take me like an hour, and I really don't have that time to spare.

They are called Acuvue Oasys with Hydraclear Plus. They each last for two weeks.
Asked May 24, 2013
you put this under beauty?
Yeah I know lol I didn't know what else to put it in xD
The best person to ask is the doctor who prescribed them to you. What the box says is a general recommendation. He/she may have a different opinion about what's best for you. You could just call to ask; I doubt another office visit would be necessary.
Answered May 24, 2013
Thanks! I'll ask him next time I have an appointment :)
Hi, The lenses that you use are of the Silicon Hydrogel type. Though these can be used for 2 weeks, we hope that you do remove them every night before going to bed. Also, Silcon Hydrogel lenses tend to catch deposits more easily, and hence you need to be cautious about cleaning the lens every day before you put it in your eye. So, yes you can use them for two weeks, provided you do not sleep with your contacts on!
Answered Sep 03, 2013

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