Does my substitute wanna rape me?

My teacher was out sick and so te school replaced her with a guy. I think he might wanna rape me because in class he was sitting really close to me and let me pick out a movie to watch and he let me get up( in the middle of class) and braid my besties hair!! He was weird!! He asked wicth schOol I was going to next year. When I answered he said that he subsitutes there all the time!!! He even "accidentally" griped me in class! And he "acendentally" kept touching my hair. HELP!!
Asked May 19, 2013
He might wanna rape you but next time dont tell him what school you are actually going to and besides he does not know where you live at
Answered May 19, 2013
stranger danger
Answered May 19, 2013
rape is a harsh word...sounds like he does wanna get with you though I would report him
Answered Jul 19, 2013
calm downnn hes not going to rape u he just proble thinks much of u
Answered Jun 02, 2016
Rape seems like a pretty harsh word to be using after you say he accidentally griped and touched your hair more then once, maybe he's just being nice to you because you radiate with some positive vibes or a good personality or could it be that somebody has warped your sense of trust to the point that you fear friendly contact from strangers? if so then you do need help! What you've described doesn't sound like he wants to rape you, but more like he's just being nice and friendly, some people were just brought up to be nice and sweet by calling you honey, sweetie, sweetheart and getting close or even putting an arm on or around someone, maybe you need to chill a little.
Answered Jun 17, 2016

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