I am 17 and my girlfriend is 18 and is a virgin

me and my girlfriend want to have sex I am not a virgin and she is one my dick is an 8 a d I am used to dating people who are not vigins but me and her will be trying for a kid when we have sex I have already brought a ring for her but how do I make it pleasureble for her and make it not hurt for her. her hymen has not been broken at all and we have only have done foreplay but I did nothing with her vigina
Asked May 17, 2013
Edited May 17, 2013
17 n 18 n u wanna get married?? First are u sure about thiss??? N having a kid?? U should be super sure u want that.. Then think about sex ..!!
Answered May 17, 2013
I think that is really sweet. First off her being a virgin, sex is going to be a little painful but not that much. Second you said your 8", dont worry it wont hurt that much, the vagina will flex around anything that goes in or out of it. Last you said your going to try for a kid. I think you should just enjoy sex for right now. If she gets pregnant then it happens but dont rush it. Good luck.

Answered May 17, 2013
go slow don't push it all in at once, give it some time to open up.
Answered Jun 25, 2013
Put your dick in a little and back out completely. Inch it in a little at a time and pause attach insert
Answered Jan 01, 2014
Make sure she is as turned on as she can be...like struggling literally to not have herself touched or squeezing thighs to get in them tries at replacing a hand or tongue til...your tongue gets there to help ensure she's legit with telling you its time she be split or quit as long as she's turned on, lubricated then she's going to be good to go...sloooow. follow her requests exactly.."ooooh wait stop" keep still as possible....it was frustrating for me that stop was met with a sudden quick pulling out of the guy. But even with his size being on the larger spectrum and me being definitely smaller than the usual blow up doll, once ad deep as we were going, few moments leaving him still and there to get used to -squeeze- moved upon by me so that I controlled during fear still being present and more comfortable trusting self not to not be able to avoid movements outside my control that takes me to a dark place where I never return from :)
Answered Dec 06, 2021

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