Should I just cook something so shell leave me alone?

my brothers are horribly works the other doesnt .............but they dont help clean nor cook....mothers day came up and they didnt even wanna cook our mom a meal......instead they went to always cooking and doing my part with the not working its been rough trying to find another job.....after being laid off but I do my part and buy grocieries when I can....ive been really sick with bronchitis/Pleurisy so im not up to cooking....anyway...its been a month since the illness and I still have chest pain, and deep chest pain when I breathe, along with a low grade fever of mom wants me to cook dinner.....should i? I aksed her why dont you tell your sorry sacks of sshhyytt for sons to cook something, shes like you know they arent going to cook.....i said yeah cuz that what punk azz byytches do......nothing........
Asked May 16, 2013
only make food for you and your mom not for them then they can see that you mean buisness
Answered Jun 06, 2013
Just do your mom's work they are totally mean & never show sympathy to them hope this way they might change their behavior.
Answered Jun 08, 2013

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