How do I tell my mom I am bisexual

hi u guys I am bisexual since 4th grade nd now I am in 7 grade im 12 yrs old nd I like both genders but
do u think my mom willfind out cause I am a girl but I also dress up like a boy in a way nd shes probaly wondering how do I tell my mom I am bi ?? Plz help me nd if u r my age nd the same it dont matter :D
Asked May 15, 2013
Well I think you should sit down with your parent and say "I have been bisexual since 4th grade and I thought you should know I prefer men and women" you should say that also. Say " I didn't choose this sexuality god made me like this"
Answered May 15, 2013
Why does your mom need to know? Is your life. You chose if you straight, bi or lesbian. It's not your moms business. Or if you want to tell her wait until your older and really know what you are. I'm only 11 so if you don't really take this seriously I'm good with that.❤
Answered Aug 16, 2013
if you know your parents are supportive of LGBTTQ relationships it shouldnt be too hard to tell her, but if they are against it, I wouldnt tell them yet....wait till your older if thats the case. I hope it ends up well
Answered Mar 08, 2014

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