How do I get my son's birth certificate?

when my son was born, he had a lot of medicale issuse and was flown to a children's hospital. In the meantime, the family was fighting over what to name him, as I was beside myself, and let them fight! To make a long story short, a week later the hospitale put (baby boy elbek) on the birth certificate. When we tried to get his birth certificate, so the school would exsept him, we hit a wall, and wouldn't give it to us, so the school said they'd get it for us, so we gave them the money and info and got him inrolled. We moved to a diffrent state 5 ys later, and his previous school refused to send us the copy of his birth certificate, so we tried to get it, and again with no luck! 3 times now paying for it, not getting it...sooo the schol again says, we'll get it, so again we give them the money, and info and inrolled him in school. Then 8 yrs later we moved again and again, the school wouldn't give us his birth certificate, and asked them if they even had it, and finally after going through several people, we got a no, no we never got it! So we tried getting it AGAIN, and told us that they needed proof that his name was baby boy Elbek, which we sent them scool record, SS# and parents info ect.. said they needed a notary saying his name is baby boy Elbek,, so we told the school we needed time, and told them are dilemma, and the lady there said, ill get it, and so we gave more money and held our breath! I called the school 2 months later asking if they got it, and I was told they did, and I went down to get a copy, they didn't have it Again. So I decided I need a lawyer!! But they all said sorry, can't help you, go to the county clerk ugh... ok, so he's 18 now, and still trying..we need a notary saying he's Javin elbek and he was named baby boy elbek , but can't get it without an ide, and can't get an ide without a birth certificates. Any one know what to do, or any lawyers to call here in california..I am willing to travle any were in California to get this fixed. Also, he was born in Oregon.

Sorry for any misspelled errors ect..I did this from a phone. Thanks in advance!!!
Asked May 15, 2013
You should be able to order a certified copy of his birth certificate from the Oregon Bureau of Public Health/ Vital Records. Once you get it, keep it in your hands, not at the school.
Answered May 15, 2013
That's the thing, we've never had it in our hands, and the want proof that he is who he says he is because his name is ( wierd ) they told us to go to a notery, but need an ide, and to get an ide, we need birth certificate..its a viscous cycle and got us going in circls and I'm getting dizzy! Its like he doesn't exist at all!
the Oregon Vital Records are the ones telling us no, not with out proof he is who he says he is.
Forms for requesting a vital record by mail

If you mail in a request for a vital record, you must include:A photocopy of the applicant’s ID (or alternative documents)The applicant’s reason for needing the recordThe signature of the applicant for the recordWe require these items to screen more thoroughly for fraud. Knowing the reason for ordering assists us in reviewing requests for a large number of records, determining whether the applicant has a personal or property right for ordering death, marriage, or divorce records, and whether to send a short or long form certificate. Having applicant signatures ensures that records are being requested by eligible persons. Please notice that the second page of each form provides ordering instructions, as well as suggestions for alternative ID when the applicant does not have a current valid driver's license.

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