I need help with getting over this pain of losing my ex fiancee

I can't get over my ex fiancee :( she stuck in my head I have tried everything in the book to move on from the brake up but nothing has worked for me . I have been told by many people time heals all pain that's not true it's been 9 months and I still can't get her out of my head I mean I love her and this is just getting so hard for me . I spent all my time with her , living ,sleeping together,working together and hanging out with friends together . She never really loved me and all she really wanted was attention from other guys she dumped me and didn't care About me she even give me the ring back and started to announce on Facebook that she is free and started to flirt with other guys :(. I couldn't see her everyday without feeling upset and sick so I give in my job and decided to leave the NT . She started to cry and say she still wants me but I told her its too late and that I will always love u but I know u will never feel the same way about me . So I am living in tasmania now with family I am 25 and I have no friends yet there are guys at work that I talk to but they have there own lives so I don't have anyone to hang out with . I did meet a girl when I first moved to Tas she lived in WA and was on holiday we got close and yes we had sex manytimes but I felt terrible like I was going to die because I was in love with my ex still and I felt as if I was cheating when I wasn't .what do I do I don't go out anywhere the only time I do go out is when I go to the gym , and thats because I don't know anyone and I only get one day off from work which is a Sunday and I can't meet any girls because I feel like a loser I have really low self a steam and I always have had that I mean I am a really nice guy and everyone has said I am funny once they got to know me but I am shy at first and I never see myself as being good enough for anyone it's just who I am , that's y my ex was the one who come to me , she was the one who showed interest and that she wanted me for me so I thought .( she thought I was the bad boy type when I wasn't ) . I still love her and I don't know what to do its been 9 months she did contact me on Facebook about 20 times all up in this 9 months saying she misses me and there's no guy like me out there but then when I say I want u back she says u better off without me and that my life is better now and that I will find someone better then her ?? My life is fucked now , I dont even know why she would contact me just to say that for ?? I hate my life without her and no mates . Someone help me get through this some how please ......
Asked May 15, 2013
Edited May 15, 2013
Good for you for not taking her back. Block her on fb. Try to stay away from her. It just makes the pain worse.

It took a few years for me to work my ex-fiance out of my system. It does take time... tons of time...

Keeping yourself busy doing something you enjoy could help. You might want to work on the self esteem issues before starting another romantic relationship. Another woman could take advantage of that vulnerability.

When you feel like you need to chat or vent, you can use crisischat.org. They have been very helpful for me.
Answered May 15, 2013
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Answered Feb 27, 2016
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