Tow truck company damaged my car - what can I do?

I got my car towed from a body shop which was doing an estimate on my car I rear ended someone in. The estimate came back and it was all damage I could have fixed myself and nothing mechanical was wrong with the car but it should not have been started as it leaked all coolant out. It is a turbocharged car and the tow truck driver bringing it from there to my house started the car and drove it onto and off the truck with very visible front end damage and no coolant. I said you shouldnt have drove it you probably wrecked it more. All he said was "your insurance should cover it" as in fix it along with the other damages, but the funny thing is I wasnt going through insurance, I was going to fix it all myself. I told him this and all he said was "Oh shit. Call the company if anything is wrong I guess." So as soon as he left I did. What can I expect to happen since all damages were repairable until the idiot driver started and drove the car how it was, making it now irreparable by myself and way more costly than it was to start?
Asked May 15, 2013
Hmm, tough situation. You have an array of options. Your best bet is to call the manager of the company of the tow truck. Worst case scenario, sue.
Answered May 15, 2013

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