How on Earth do you convince your mom to get a pet?

I've made a lot of deals with my dad to get a kitten, but my mom won't give in. I think it's either cause she's scared or some allergy that doesn't trigger when she's around my neighbor's kitten. So, lately, I've been thinking about getting a caged pet. And, before I mess everything up, I am going to ask you folk. I've checked all those "Ways to Get Your Parents to Get You a Pet", but my mom doesn't belong to any of those categories.
Please, please, please, help! I'm so desperate!

Asked May 14, 2013
except, obviously, for a cat. And some of the things won't apply (walking it, picking up poop, etc.) but the general idea still applies.
Answered May 14, 2013
give her flowers and buy her chclolate and doo al jobs in and around home

hope I helllppeeeeeeddd -domino
Answered May 14, 2013
I used these to convince my parents:

-learn alot about the animal you want and tell them different facts about it at different times (they will feel like you really want it)
-say how it is taken care of or show in a presentation and you will take part in the care of it
-tell them the pros of the animal but don't leave out the cons because it will seem like you are hiding something
-if it is an expensive animal say you will pay for it (ONLY IF YOU CAN)
-calculate the price it will be to gather the beginning supplies (like a cage,wheel,etc.)
-figure out where everything will be stored and tell them

Answered May 15, 2013

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