Can you help me learn a little Spanish?

Um, I know a little about Spanish, but, can you give me some more details about the language?
Asked May 14, 2013
Try Google Translate at the link below. You type in English and it produces what you typed in Spanish. Click on the little speaker and it will pronounce what you've typed.

Una manera fácil de aprender un idioma.
Answered May 14, 2013
I would personally suggest starting with some music. I am a non native speaker, but I have studied it extensively in college. My professors tell me I speak like a native almost. Google translate will only help so much, because it doesn't really teach you, rather it gives a quick solution to the particular sentence or word you type. It does nothing to teach you conjugation, masculine and feminine use in grammar, and sentence structure, none-the-less the culture and passion behind this beautiful language. My best advice? Make friends with Spanish speakers. :)
Answered Jun 19, 2013
Im half spanish and a native speaker.

As I am half english I have many english friends that moved over to spain and I helped them learn fluent spanish.

I agree with Jia, listening to our music is the best way because you can memorise the tune and learn the meaning of the word which helps a lot apparently. I find it hard to discuss the dificulties you may be having as I am a native and have grew up with the language aswell as the english language.

Also here in spain and the same in mexico we have the use of masculine and femanine e.g. nice to meet you. a man would say "encantado" and a girl would say "encantada". its very simple its generally changing the o to an a or vise versa.

yes make some native spanish friends as this will help you a great deal.

please if you want to know anything more please ask. im always here :)
Answered Aug 30, 2013

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