Whats wrong with me?

Hi, Me again, ever since I was 4 iv'e been seeing weird things, faces that aren't there, I was chased by a weird looking woman and blacked out to see my brother say I was running from nothing. He said ive attacked him but I dont remember that except when we fight. I see faces in the dark but mostly eyes. My friend says I might have a small case of Schizophrenia.. Could that be true?
Asked May 13, 2013
0.0 omg I remember growing up my sis was always wierd she said the faces and men and stuff like that idk what it is :/ but my mom said she's being hunted or somthing maybe it's somthing eles I just wanted to say that
Answered May 14, 2013
Yea she creeped me out saying stuff like "the man is up under there and the face is hunting me" dude you can imagine my face
Omg, yeah I can imagine, just put more faces in my head.. :p
You can get medically tested to see what you have so it is controlled before something bad occurs.
Answered May 14, 2013

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