Strange bump on my penis

Well, im 14 years old, and I started masterbating a year ago. Now, I have this strange bump on my penis, it doesn't really bother me unless I push on it. It looks like acne almost, its been there for like 4 days. its not going away, its getting dark in color. Please Help!
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Anonymous User
Asked May 13, 2013
Hmmm I definitely think you should get yourself to the doctor. Then, get yourself a bottle of penis health creme. I found that it's helped my sex drive, self confidence and I swear, I even smell better down there lol. Good luck!
I would either go and see a doctor about it...or search it on google that can usually give you some info. don't leave it to long to check out.
Answered May 14, 2013
The best thing to use one bumps, rashes, chafing and other masturbation-induced penis skin irritation is one of those penis health cremes. These are made specifically for this kinda thing and work quickly and safely. You can get them online to and they are reasonably priced. Hope this helps and good luck!
Answered Nov 14, 2016
Most likely fordyce spots.... harmless and common.. read up on them a bit. But there are other penis skin issues you need to watch out for.. things like dryness, discoloration etc. There is a good creme for this kinda stuff though.. called Man1 Man Oil.. keep it in mind. Hope this helps.
Answered Mar 26, 2020

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