I am a lesbian and I've fallen for my straight best friend!

I have a ginormous crush on my best friend. Actually, with that crush I confirmed I am a lesbian.
The other day we were talking about loves, and the relationship topic came out, and I told her I am a lesbian.
Last night, she found out that I had a crush on her because someone told her. She asked me, and I knew there was no going back, and I confirmed it. She told me she was okay with it, but she also told me she was straight.
Now here's the deal: people told me to forget her, that she is straight and all, that I should do a "list" of the ideal girl I want that is actually a lesbian. Before I met her, I did have a list, and practically everything that is on that piece of paper is in her. I once tried to focus my attention on other girls, but there was an incident with one that I thought I had a mini crush on, so I'm scared of doing that again.
I actually think that this ha gone further than just being a crush, and that I am actually in love with her. It's not a crush, I had one before, but this time is different. She makes me feel bigger than a razor (I self harm). And no one else can do that. I feel like the world is going to end if I don't see her, hearing her voice became as vital as breathing. People say I have to forget her, but I just simply can't. As I said, its more than a crush.
What can I do?
Asked May 12, 2013
wow I can totally relate to this situation I had the exact same crush on my friend! like she was everything I could ask for trust me I know how you feel! but I'm Bi not lesbian....I found it hard also to get over her im that way...the advise I can give you is to separate youself from her..like don't sit with her or talk or make contact..usually keeping out of touch can eventually fade away the feelings..now it is very hard to do that but I did it and got over the ginormous crush..now to this day we are really close friends and I feel nothing more than that since I didn't talk with he for like half a year...so try doing that it can help if it doesn't the you have totally fallen for this girl and you can't control what your feeling do it's just what happens it's life..but try and have a go at doing that(:

hope this helps(:
Answered May 14, 2013
Well I can totally relate to this. I have fallen for one of my best friends. Im a lesbian. Shes straight. But she loves me to death as a friend. She found out the other day that I have feelings for her. When she found out I could not look at her. I stayed in my room all day(we live in the same dorm but different room). I usually spend all day in her room. That day was extremely hard for both her and I without each other by our sides. I finally broke down and went into her room to talk. Even she though she tells me not to be upset or embarrassed I cannot help but be in pain over it. Point is. Sometimes its okay to love someone who doesnt love you back. Because distancing yourself will not only hurt you but your best friend. Be selfless. I have feelings for her. And knowing she is straight is not stopping the fall. But having my best friend for the rest of my life is more important than moving on.
Answered Dec 07, 2013

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