How Can I Get Facebook On My 2013 School Laptop?

I've been trying hard to get it, I have heaps of time to do noting but im always bored, so if anyone can help me ill really appreciate it :)
Asked May 11, 2013
i have a tafe account you can use if you want to.
Answered Jun 13, 2013
mee please
can you please please please send it to me? thanks :D
Me please!!??
please meeee??

emmyem3 Jun 18, 2013
Try opening it from google search.. It worked with me
Answered May 11, 2013
yeah, I can do that too, btu only after school when I go home for some reason.. weird...
Has anyone got any idea how to get onto facebook using computers in school, been trying for ages. I've tried downloading google chrome etc. but its coming up with some internet/school safty thing that will not allow me to access it?! NEED HELP...
Well sometimes school have Special locks that can read what the sites about so to test it go to facebook if it says you can't go on because its catergorized as social networking or somthing like that we prob wont be able to help you because if you go on proxy it says you may not go on proxy because its catorgorized as proxy or somthing because it reads what the websites are about also you don't need facebook in school just learn if you have nothing to do STUDY! Practice ask your teacher if you can do today's homework in class so when you get home you do a little work on your homework then you could go on facebook I know I didn't help that much but I wanted to tell you facebook doesn't need to be accessible if they blocked facebook it's blocked there is prob no way to get it unblocked because well it's 2013! We have more better software and stuff if you want go bring a phone with wifi and go on facebook threre
Answered May 11, 2013
Thankyou, I know it might not seem like much but im easily moved, you've sort of opened my eyes I could say, and although im only 14 I do need to study because I am quite lethargic and I need to concentrate more on my work but I do really like facebook... Guess its an addiction I need to get fixed. Thankyou for your response I very much appreciate it :)
Your welcome April2013
This isn't really much to do with this but I have answered the questions you had asked me about the tafe password stuff
Answered Jul 29, 2013

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