Random would you rather questions

Would you rather:
1. Have green or pink skin
2. Have only a laptop with a early curfew or just have an ipod with insanely slow WiFi but no curfew
3. Cake or Pie o.o
4. Die by burning or drowning
5. Figure out Slenderman is real or that the zombie apocalypse is happening tonight
6. Get 4 hours or 18 hours of sleep each night
7. Abortion or adoption
8. No gravity or heavier gravity
9. Have no arms or no legs
10. Have 20 or 0 kids
Asked May 10, 2013
If there was heavier gravity we'd all be crushed by it, that means we'd be dead and wouldn't really have to worry about insanely slow wireless internet or laptops with curfews... And if you had pink or green skin you be taken into quarantine. With only 4 hours of sleep you'd suffer from sleep deprivation all of the time. Slenderman is the worst creepypasta ever, who's scared of an egg wearing a suit? The zombie apocolypse wouldn't happen that quickly, it needs time to spread.Screw pyromaniacs.
Doge Mar 01, 2014
Thanks for doing the Would You Rather, you didn't have to you know.
1. Pink skin, one of my favourite colours.
2. Have an Ipod with insanely slow WIFI but no curfew. Omg no curfew would be so awsome.
3. Cake or pie thats a hard one. I'd go with Cake. Pavlova yum! Coffee cake and lamingtons, mmm good.
4. Die by drowning!
5. I had to look this one up never heard of either Slenderman or Zombie Apocalypse. I'd have to go with Slenderman. :(
6. 18 hours of sleep. I love dreaming.
7. Adoption, too cute.
8. No gravity. That would be fun I could fly and float, cool.
9. This is another hard one but thats what makes it interesting to complete. Have no arms would be better than having no legs for me.
10. Have 0 kids. 20 would hurt, ouch!
hahaha :)
Answered May 10, 2013
Meh, no prob =D
2. IKR
5. o.O
8. Until you float into the sun xP
10. I didnt even think about that aspect o.x
hahahaha :)
8. I didn't think of it that way, good point!
10. Yea well. It would hurt becuse of all the sex you would have to have to make the babies or all the documents you would have to read and sign to keep the babies for adoption. Plus the child birth would drive any girl nuts. All the yelling, crying and screaming I don't want to go through that pain 20 times, no thank you. Oh yea and if you get a miscarriage they will cry. Too many kids too look after and keep an eye on. If the husband gets a divorce than they will be all alone with the 20 kids. If the one of the 20 kids dies than then will go crazy. The 20 kids could get lost in your house or outside. They would have to buy 20 bedrooms for the kids. How would they fit in the car. You need a few cars for that. I could go on forever better stop hehehe
O.o My gosh you really thought that out xP You make a good point with all of them...
Thank you. hahahaha I got carried away sorry. :)
Meh. No prob =D
1. Pink skin, I'll say I'm sunburnt.
2. iPod with slow wifi I already live with that.
3. Pie (cake can get too rich!)
4. Drown.
5. Slender man.
6. 18 hours I'd be dead if I only got 4 hours I can barely live with 10 hours.
7. Adoption.
8. No gravity definitely! You wouldn't be able to jump if you had more gravity.
9. No legs, fake legs are better than fake arms.
10. 0 kids, 20 would hurt and I could adopt.
Answered May 17, 2014
1. Pink skin and say I'm sunburnt and or cover it up with make up
2. iPod and just listen to music and use WiFi on a phone or computer
3. Cake! 🍰
4. Drowning, burning would be waaaay more painful
5. Slenderman, the thought of a zombie apocalypse makes me shiver with fear!
6. 4 hours that is how much I get anyway plus it says at night so if I had to I could sleep more in the day :P
7. Depends on the age... joking of course adoption I couldn't stand killing an innocent unborn life :(
8. Heavier Gravity, it doesn't say how much so like 0.000001% heavier! :)
9. No legs, I would be fine in a wheelchair and could use fake legs and still to the job just want to do when I'm older (paediatric surgeon) which I couldn't do with no arms! Plus I wouldn't have to do PE which is always a bonus!!
10. 0, because 20 would be extremely painful plus I could adopt!
Answered Dec 09, 2015
Could you please answer one of my questions? (Not the book one seen as I have found a few books)

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