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So I was dating my girlfriend for a good 2.5 years before she had recently ended it this weekend. It was long distance the whole time and I had just went to see her and go to her prom with her half way across the country. This is the 2nd time we've physically met and i've seen her in person. I made a mistake one day a really bad mistake, I broke up with her. It's not what I wanted and I didn't even want it at the time to this day I don't understand how or why it came to that point. So since than she started getting different feelings and I completely lost her trust. She thought me coming might change the way she felt but the problem is the whole time before I came she was already distancing herself from me and preparing for the breakup. She never spoke to me about it and she never mentioned anything, I could always tell when something was wrong and I knew something was prom night but everything was fine and "nothing was wrong". I don't know specifically how long she's been feeling all this but when I did it, it was this past November. Do you think me being busy with a sport all winter than her having a job and playing a spring sport not being able to talk much had anything to do with it? When I came to see her we hung-out she had a smile on her face and everything seemed alright you know? I'm just really confused and feel as though I could have done something. She said she never talked to me about it because well she was the only one that ever knew but I had been suicidal before. She was afraid i'd get the feelings again. But then I asked her didn't you realize i'd get them anyways as in if you broke up with me and said yes. So why not try to involve me? Why not speak up and let me try to help in some way? She said nothing could've been done but I don't believe that. She has also said I can't be with you anymore if it doesn't make me happy but I don't find that true either. I think it was all because of that one day. I gave so much effort the whole relationship making sure she got what she want and that she was happy. I'm not sure what to do right now I had nothing before I met her she was my motivation for everything and reason to care for life. It's really hard for me to move on because there's nothing for me to move on to and I really want to try to get her back at least for right now. What is the best thing I should do? And even though she already decided all this before prom and left me stranded in a hotel by myself halfway across the country with little to no explanation why it was over, is it bad that I still would take her back if she by some miracle asked asked me? Do you think it's possible if we don't talk for a while she'll start to miss me and might be able to have her back? I honestly don't think that can happen she seems perfectly fine without me and I don't get it at all. I'm really confused and i'm sorry if this questions wasn't worded the greatest but I really need help and i'm not sure what to do i'm feeling really depressed and i'm back to how it was before I met her.
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Asked May 10, 2013
Oh boy. Okay. You sound like a really sweet guy who truly loves this girl, but this will be a stretch. If you are serious about this girl, SHOW HER! Girls love gushy romantic stuff. Get her flowers, and a GIANT stuffed animal. Write her a super sweet note saying basically everything you said in this. and remember, she wants to know that you will always be there for her, and help her through anything and everything not matter what. Tell her you fell in love the first time you laid eyes on her. Mainly, tell her that you love her and are willing to stay with her as long as she will let you. For a more dramatic effect, I suggest doing this all at her door on one knee holding her hand and looking directly at her. Hope you get the girl! ~Rose
Answered May 10, 2013

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