Listening to [rap] music with explicit lyrics makes you more likely to swear?

I am a Christian teen, and noticed that after two years of heavy indulgence in explicit rap and pop culture (Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, those guys) I was getting closer and closer to cursing (freaking, bull, etc.) when I had NEVER cursed before and was swearing more mentally. Is this just me or... what do you all think?
Asked May 09, 2013
I never thought about that, but that may be true. Like Rob said, "words are nothing more than symbols for ideas" and for that reason can get stuck in your head, just like a song. Because of that, it may be able to mix in with your regular vocabulary.
Hope that helped! :)
Answered May 09, 2013
interesting, thanks!
LG2159 May 09, 2013
The purpose of any language is to communicate. Words are nothing more than symbols for ideas. It's the quality of the ideas that count. It would help to be "multilingual" if you are a part time pastor and Lil Wayne's agent at the same time. :-)
Answered May 09, 2013
wym by multilingual? I don't wanna be a hypocrite :p
LG2159 May 09, 2013
It's not about hypocrisy. If you want to communicate with both Lil' Wayne and your pastor, you have to speak the languages that both understand (multi-lingual). The object is for the listener to clearly understand what you're saying. When someone says "shit," it isn't the four letters that are ugly, it's the image those four letters produce. They're just words, there's no divine ideology attached to them, you just have to understand which words to use with each audience.
Rob May 09, 2013

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