Mycobacterium vaccae---possible to purchase? Best source otherwise?

Does anybody know where to buy Mycobacterium vaccae either as supplements or as cultures? It is evidently supposed to have many beneficial effects. It is common in dirt---but I'd rather have a purified form than deal with the random chances of just exposing myself to random soil in the hopes of getting the good bacteria and no bad ones.

Asked May 09, 2013
I am trying to get the same information as you are? Did you read about this bacteria in the Epidemic of Absence? What are you planning on using it for? We are hoping to use it for asthma & food allergies.
dz Jun 03, 2013
Did you ever have any luck? I never have managed to get any. Wanted it for anciety, asthma, and depression.
Hmm this seems like a fairly new supplement it would be a good time to invest!
Answered Apr 01, 2015
I'm looking for oral drug (supplement) of Mycobacterium vaccae.
I want to use for Chronic fatigue syndrome.
↑intramuscular injection - Chinse biologic company's Product.
Answered Jul 14, 2015
Edited Jul 14, 2015

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