My Crush Wants to have sex with me

Hi guys im 15 years old girl , I have a classmate who makes me fell inlove with him for almost a year , he is a badboy and a playboy, I think he is 16 , my friends told him that I have a crush on him , after a week he talk to me on private he tell me that he like me too, and for godsake he wants to have sex with me , what should I do ? im still virgin I dont know who should I ask for help, I dont know if really likes me or he just want to have sex with me , he told me that if I dont want to have sex with him he will be mad of me and he will never ever talk to me and if I have sex with him he will be my boyfriend, help me please!
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Asked May 08, 2013
go to him and slap him
anon99 Sep 03, 2013
do what you feel right
After I saw the title I was like "Lucky bitch." But then I read it like "He's mean"
Don't do it.. He's just playing you.. After having sex with you he'll throw you away..
A relationship should not be based on sex. If that is the only thing that he wants then there is no foundation for you two. And what is with this "he will be mad?" It's your life, not his and therefore your decision. I would say not to do way!
Answered May 08, 2013
okay I wont , but what if he will be mad at me ? I dont really know what to do, I want him to be with me but not in that way that he will just fool me , help me please ? :(
Unless he undergos drastic changes, the only relationship you guys will have is sex. The best thing atm to do is just try to push him out of your mind. It might be hard, but it will reap good results. good luck and sorry if I sound harsh
but how ? how can I push him out of my mind if everyday I can see him ? how ? I dont know , :(
You dont have to forget the person itself. Just try and supress the feelings you had for him. Hes not worth your time. You said yourself he was a playboy. If it helps get a boyfriend who cares about you not just sex. Good luck
thank you very much , you helped me alot , thank you , I will try my best
he's using you for sex...he doesn't actually like you or respect you
Answered May 28, 2013
Honestly, go to him and tell him no I am to good for you. I think you should stay away from guys like him and wait till you are married.
Answered Jun 21, 2013
Don't get in the bed with Johnny. He is just a dog who sees you as plaything, and if can't respect you chunk up tha duces!!
Also if he tries to hurt you or rape you then you better do this:
Use your right foot, bring it on around, catch him in his LITTLE PISS PUMP and AIM STRAIGHT, make sure he can't use that THING but as a FLAP to keep the DUST OUT OF HIS BUTTCRACK!!!

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My brother Hancock. Let me know how it turned out .
Answered Aug 18, 2013
Just, like. Idk, hang with him more. And before you do all that. You can like make out and stuff and if you are positive he's the one do it.
Answered Aug 23, 2013
DONT DO IT ok don't worry about that in till u r like....17,18 or 19 ok???? u have to trust me on this one
Answered Sep 03, 2013
by now you have probubly already done it .but I am a guy but I would start low meaning dont let him put it in .i mean the first time just give him your breasts and let him masturbate u .after the second or third time then give him the full blow out
Answered Sep 19, 2013
You could be dating, but wait for 5 more years till you have sex with him!!!
Answered Oct 12, 2013
You shouldn't do it because if he said that he's just using you if he really did like you he would wait for when your ready my boyfriend recently told me he loves me alot and wants to have sex and we are both 14 he's only 7 months older I'm not aloud to date and my mom doesn't know about him and he told me that tbh I kinda wanna do it with him but I'm nervous we r both virgins and he said he wait until I'm ready I told him I was but we would never be alone he said he would find a place the akward thing is I'm in high school and he's a middle schooler ( I'm not a cougar or whore or anything like that) but he said he would wait if your crush says that he'll be mad he doesn't like you he probably heard that you liked him and thought oh well that'll be easy sex he's probably a player who uses people for sex so I wouldn't I'm sorry
Answered Oct 19, 2013
If you do decide to have sex with him... use a condom.. every single time. You do not want a pregnancy or an STD. And make him use an antibacterial penis health creme as well.. this will keep his penis extra clean for oral and other condom-less sex acts. Keep in mind that he can transfer odor and infection-causing bacteria to you if things are not clean down there. You can get one of these cremes online. Hope this helps and good luck.
Answered Nov 16, 2017

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