Best birthday gift for my best friend?! help!

i want something special like not just a simple teddy bear or perfume and accessories .. I need something really special .. like last your I got her a snow globe with two friends sitting in the middle and it has music too..!

she's 17 turning 18, she's the type of a barbie girl veryy like super girly and she loves lip glosses but I can't buy her a lip gloss umm she loves justin bieber .. wt else should I say.. anyway helpp??!
Asked May 08, 2013
You should get her a locket or a bracelet with her name engraved!! Girls love that trust me :)
U can't find your answer here!! plus u won't feel good if she liked it cause it wasnt you who thought in this gift . So u gotta feel it ;)
Answered May 08, 2013
ya, I know that.. i'm just looking for ideas.. maybe that way something really good would pop into my head :DD !!
Mmm think of the things you both have talked about it may gives u a hint .
i had what to get her in mind, but she got me something similar as a friendly gift.. so now I can't think of anything..!!
I don't know .. Mmm like think deeper
i will, thanx anyway :D
Honestly, you know her best. I would give her something I gave my friend (who was a girl) a scarf that was her favorite color. Wasn't much but she really liked it! :)
Answered May 08, 2013
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