I think im bi

well it started when I was 13
i have a crush on a youtube star named: elyar fox
hes soo cute and oeff I love him.
but its only if I see him I never had that feeling with other boys
soo help please...
Asked May 05, 2013
aww, Whatever you do though, do NOT be all angry about it. I have a male Bi friend, named Ryan and he hates that he is Bi and he is no fun to be around if all of our friends are talking about Gay, Bi , or Lesbian stuff. Just accept whatever you are and be happy!!! ( no one like the angry gay. JK ;P)
Don't worry. I mean being gay and being a bisexual are completely 2 diffrent things. If you're gay then you don't like girls at all. If you're bi then you do like guys but you like girls too. I don't really think it's that big of a deal. And I see people saying they're bi but I'm really wondering if they are just gay/lesbian. If you still like girls then maybe it's just some crush. Maybe if you go out with a girl it will help.
Answered May 05, 2013
but I know hes really hot and stuff but I feel wierd when we have to change cloths
wit P.E last time I couldnt kept my eyes of the penis of the popular kid in my class
i am confused now need help! :(
Try dating a guy or something see if u like it then decide but anyways dont worry about labelling urself till ur 100% certain.
Answered May 12, 2013
think about how a girl makes you feel or what type of thoughts you have about a girl. now do the same for a boy. if you get the same thoughts and feelings then I think your bi. but I could just be a crush. about you looking at the other boys penis if that makes you hard then your bi.
Answered May 14, 2013
well it makes "him" hard like steel!
sooo im bi good to know :D
lol welcome to my life
babysam May 18, 2013

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