Help! I am 14, and I think I am Bi, Do you think I am?

I like guys, but in the locker room I can't help but look around. I moved my friend by the waist the other day ( a girl) and like heat waves went up my arms. But, I have a boyfriend who I like very much. Help?
Asked May 05, 2013
Edited Apr 06, 2016
Your Bi . You Like Boys & Girls !
Answered Feb 16, 2014
Need a bit more info hun
Answered May 05, 2013
like what?
Same kinda questions Vampire7 put below, they beat me to it lol. I DONT recommend just going up and kissing a random girl ... that would be very awkward ;p but yah id say youre bi
LG2159 May 09, 2013
mmm.. lil more info can help..
like answer these questions..

!- when u see a really pretty girl you wud hate her cuz she's prettier than you or u would like her cuz she's hot

2- do u have any sexual lesbian dreams?

3-would u mind going out or kissing a girl??

4- have u ever thought sexually of any other girl??

5- when u touched ur friend's waist, did u feel funny??
Answered May 06, 2013
!- I think to myself how pretty she is.
2- one, but I forgot it.
3- wouldn't mind kissing a pretty girl, but I am super shy.
4- yes
5- like fire shot up my arms.
hmm.. !!
Girl, you're bisexual, but its not something to be ashamed of..!
you have to be proud of who you are :)

i hope my answer was a help ..!
What are teaching ppl .. god
No she mustn't feel proud . Plus she has a boyfriend .and about the touching waist thing everybody feel like fire shot so its not a thing to judge if she is or not ..!! And please stop telling everyone its not a thing to be ashamed of .. cause it is ..!!
Rubish_Girl :
i'm not teaching her anything.. im just telling her that's who she is and she has to accept it, besides I can tell that she's Bi, straight girls would mind kissing a girl and wouldn't think of other girls in a sexual way..!!
and I didn't judge her by touching the other girl..!
and so what if she have a boyfriend??
that's actually a very good thing that she has a boyfriend ..
i respect your answer tho :)
Emowolfie : I forgot to tell ya, that you should hold on to your boyfriend since you like him very much, and having a boyfriend would really help you to be more straight than bi :D and best luck
I think I'm Bi cause of your issues .. :S
It does not matter about any one but you s long as your happy and there no need to hide it
Hope I helped
Answered Nov 21, 2013
One word
BISEXUAL! :) Nothing to be ashamed of
Answered Nov 30, 2013
No straight girl can think of a girl the way u feel.. yes you're bi.. :D I know it would be little difficult to accept it at this age but you ll get used to it as the time passes and consequently you ll start feelin proud of it.. :)
Answered Mar 29, 2014
haha yup I agree
well think u are its not sure but try kissing a girl
it will help
Answered May 06, 2013
So Bi it's ok just be you I mean in a century every one will possibly end up this way so no judgement
Answered Dec 16, 2013
never be ashamed of your orientation be Bi and proud
Answered Jan 16, 2014
Hiya hun,
you may or may not be bisexual.. you could just be bi curious.. even if you are you shouldnt be ashamed end of the day it is who you are and you cant change that..
im 23 in a relationship with the same man for 3 years, I have been with only one woman only reason I have never been with that woman again or with others is because I met my man he knows about it.. and he appriciates my eye for women its fun walking down the street seeing sexy men and women and putting our opinion across its great haha
Answered Apr 02, 2014
Young people can have a crush on the same sex but a bit older, it does not make you Bi at all.
Dont worry about it its probably a phase, and if its not, then its not.
Do what gives you pleasure without hurting some else.
Answered Jul 30, 2014

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