How to convince my mum to let me wear a moulded cup bra?

Today we were just about to go to the mall and I was wearing this really loose top, and you could see my boobs through it 😕 my mum noticed and told me to put on my bra, it's one of those thin material ones. It doesn't cover anything and it's pretty much useless.

Do you think I need a moulded cup bra? It's a bra with a nice shape to it and gives extra support.

My boobs go up and down when I walk, my nipples haven't really came out yet but they are starting to, my boobs are really pointy and I'm a 34a.

How do I convince my mum to get me a moulded cup bra? Last time I asked which was about 5 months ago she said I was too young for one, but now she's always complaining about my boobs and she says I can't wear tank tops out. Do you think she wants me to start wearing a moulded cup bra? Please help 😕
Asked May 05, 2013
Ask your mom to help you find an age-appropriate bra that no one can see through, and also keeps you from bouncing.
Answered May 05, 2013
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Well tell her that if you wear molded cup bras that there better for breasts than the other ones the other ones you just put on and it does no good and your breasts stil flop down tell her that the molded cup bras will A.give you support won't show your breasts
C.the other bras are practically a short shirt
Answered May 05, 2013
Thanks, but I don't think that will work, any other suggestions?
Well I guess act mature and responsible and then after your acted responsible n stuff ask your mother about the molded cup bras or you could find molded cup bras that are cheaper than th other one
Or you could say you will buy the bras then just save up some cash so your mom doesn't have to pay for it I guess
Sally don't listen to jbs_hawt
Thank you so much Ruby_sapphire! You've really helped me! I haven't tried any of these suggestions but I will soon, thank you so much!

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