How to get semen of the carpet and baby clothes

So my bro was fappin I was in his room (we have a close friendship) and he chummed all over the brown carpet and well when he stood up he unplugged the ear buds and the girl in the pr0n moaned like SO LOUD so my mum came up we put our ill sis blanket over the cum and my bro got off the porn site and my mum said wat happend we told her it was a add for a sex site then she said to put that blanket on our ill sis so we did and TOTALLY forgot about the cum and now the baby's clothes had sperm on it so we freaked out so how do we clean it our mom will be back in 12 hours ( she's going to. A motel with dad and well this is what there gonna do mom+dad-clothes+condoms-us kids+lube-lights=to sex so plz tell me how to get this stuff out plz
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Asked May 04, 2013
Wow ewww I guess warm water and a good scrub brush or a towel :/ I don't really know eww
Answered May 04, 2013
Thanks ruby
I'll use warm water also it's not eww there sex actually turns me on at night when I lay in my bed and there going at it I sometimes recorded it and listen to it later It turns me on
Water Extraction Method

Most home carpet cleaning systems are waterextraction units that are also known as steam cleaners. They work by injecting a solution into the carpet pile, then pulling the dirty solution back into the machine. To avoid the hassle of dragging a hose around the house, opt for a model that does not require a clean-water hookup. Also, choose the most powerful machine you can afford to ease the burden of water extraction.
Caution: When using a steam cleaner, do not get the carpets overly wet. Overwetting can damage the carpet backing and underlayment, causing shrinkage, discoloration, and odor.
Answered Apr 03, 2015
Use the washing detergent and brush the spot firmly then wash in water. It will remove, apply simple method of washing as your cloth.
Answered Feb 12, 2016
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Answered Dec 27, 2016

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