Please help me! My mom is unfair :(

What should a girl that is a tomboy wear to a formal dance my mom wont let me wear what I want but she gets mad if I say no to dresses and ugly ass shirts *sorry im really pissed* my mom says people will make fun of me because of the way I dress... if they do I dont give a fuck I have been dressing like a boy all my life why stop now mom. I am sad cause I was looking forward to this can u tell me what I can wear please
thanks 4 reading
Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked May 02, 2013
Rent a Tux. :-)
Answered May 02, 2013
Yea rent one also girls don't wear girls girl stuff they can were suits and boy clothes to
I'm sure you love your mom, at least wear the dress to the event... then if you decide to wear men's clothing after just change... but please respect your mom's wishes, it won't kill you to wear a dress.. come on now lol
Answered May 03, 2013
Your mother isn't trying to be mean. She's trying to look out for you.
Answered May 04, 2013
If you really don't want to wear a dress bring ab spare bag of boys clothes then change at the dance but if your mom askes about the bag tell her it food for the dance
Answered Oct 17, 2013

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