I think im bisexual has any1 got any advice on how to tell my family/friends

Im bisexual and I am REALLY nervous about telling everyone becuz im worried what theyll think cuz last year people found out a boy in my year was bi n they kept bullying him nd beating him up n being really mean. PLZ HELP!!!!! :(
Asked May 02, 2013
Edited May 02, 2013
Why do you need to tell people? You're twelve years old. Things change as you get older, and for all you know right now, this could just be a phase you willcome out of, and if you've already told people, things will just get complicated. You're probably starting puberty, and horomones are kicking in. Don't feel entiteled to anounce that you believe you're homosexual.
Answered May 08, 2013
Great answer
Rob Jul 17, 2013
How did you know they were twelve...
Just tell them. Be open. Who cares what they think? But only tell the people you're comfortable with telling, like your parents so the bullies don't find out.
Answered May 02, 2013
Yeah, just tell them you have something important to tell them, and say it. I advise you to only tell really close friends, who can keep secrets. If you are worried about bullies, toughen up, go to the gym. I'm not talking about you getting ripped, but it helps to build some muscle, and have a rep of being tough when needed. ~Rose
Answered May 03, 2013
Edited May 03, 2013
I am thats the thing I go to the gym all the time im the toughest in my year but I hang around with quite tough guys who r great friends they just can sometimes be mean
FJM12 May 04, 2013
That's the penalty of hanging with the testosterone pumped big dogs, you got to be able to handle their crude joking, and rough housing. But you sound like you can take care of yourself, try my advice. ~Rose
Don't tell everybody but the people you love and trust . Don't think too much of it because it will make you more nervous she breath close your eyes and tell your parents first .
Answered May 04, 2013
a girl in my school no one ever knew.. she was really popular too... and one day out of the blue she got on facebook and posted this
" I dont give a fuq what anyone says but im bisexual <3"
those were her exact words and no one really judged her.. but just remeber if they bully you there not ur true friends.. and if they do bully you dont get to upset to where you want to committ suiced( how ever you spell it) just remember you are only in school for a temporary while.. so dont do anything permant.. but when alot of people find out at my school( lots of preps and riches) they will judge you
Answered May 06, 2013
I'm 12 and bi too you should email me [email protected]
Answered May 20, 2013
Edited May 20, 2013
Im bi to and Ive only told my really close friends and then when you feel compftable...tell who you like...never afraid to be diffrent its Boreing being the same :) good luck Xxxxxx
Answered Jul 17, 2013
I'm lesbo, and I told only my mom and two very close friends. It was wrong of those people to beat up that kid who was bi.

I found it hard to bring up the conversation, so I wrote my mom a note telling her that I liked girls and she talked to me about it. It wasn't bad at all! So if you just find it hard to talk about, do what I did, maybe that will help. (:
Answered Dec 30, 2013

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