I am sad in love what should I do?

my boyfriend and me always quarrel because of his friends.they hate me so I too hate them but he supports them ,lives with them and this behaviour gets on my nerves . he likes to go out with them , I dont like him going out with any of his friends .i stay alone because of him and hes my only friend and after I cried for months begging him to spent time with me he has changed somewat and he spents more time with me but still he keeps on telling me hes caged . he goes to college with them but because his friendship is bad I feel worried .i love him , hes gud in everyway only because of this I suffer a lot .
Asked May 01, 2013
First, try and reconcile with his friends... if this is not possible, tell your boyfriend that you really like being with him, but if he can't find more time to spend with you and keeps choosing his friends over you then maybe you guys should not be together... also, you should try to make more friends, maybe because as you said your boyfriend is your only friend, then it will always seem like he is choosing them over you... you don't need to cling so much to him... it can become overwhelming for him if you continue to push him about it... you will be ok, just stay positive and hope you find more friends!
Answered May 03, 2013
Edited May 03, 2013

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