Please Help me I think I still love him

what will I do :( I love a guy for 4 years , I tried to moved on but I failed , its so hard to move on because he is my neighbor . what will I do ?he is one of my friends :( how can I move on when im still inlove with him ?he didnt even know that I love him,. he already have a girlfriend but still , im expecting his love to me , what should I do ? help me im broking to pieces :(
Asked Apr 30, 2013
Edited Apr 30, 2013
Im really sorry to hear this but I know its hard to move on but that tells you he not the right guy for you, I had this crush that I liked since kindergarten I told I like him in grade 5 and before I could say anything else he said no. I felt just like you but now I'm in grade 6 and people move on, but things will get better I know it when you find another man you might think who is right for you and I was lucky to find that man in grade 6 and the guy who I asked is in my grade 6 class and I don't bother anymore I still get a bit sad sometime but I always move on. I know things will be ruff but I promise you that you'll find another man that will like you. I hope this helps!!! bye!
Answered Apr 30, 2013
thank you , you made me breath again .

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