How do I cook a chicken? Right

Always I try cooking it right but it turns cold and realy hard to chew and SUPER dry im wondering how to cook it right I cook it in the microwave a preety small chicken so any cooking tips
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Asked Apr 29, 2013
Well I think you should cook it in a oven read directions on how to cook it also a tip I do is I make a spicy yummy sauce to put in the chicken so I can have a nice juicy chicken for dinner hoped it helps :)
Answered May 04, 2013
I suggest using shake n bake on the side of the bow it will tell you how to. My parents make it all the time and it is yummy. MAKE SURE TO USE THE OVEN
Answered Apr 29, 2013
there are many ways to cook a chicken, but I think, if you are using microwave then you should marinate it with yogurt and others spices. Then cook it for ten to 20 minutes. Check this link for more chicken recipes.
Answered Nov 17, 2013
There are many way to cook a chicken ,i should think if we are using a microwave then we should marinate it with yogurt and other spices. Then cook for ten to 20 minutes after that cut into pieces that eat its very yummy .
Answered Aug 06, 2014
Last day I made Chicken Boti got the recipe idea from the website @
yeah it was awesome ...Guys just try this recipe.I am sure you all will love it.....It was really yummyyy.....
Answered Mar 24, 2015
Edited Mar 24, 2015
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Answered Sep 05, 2016

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