I'm not sure if I am a lesbian

I'm sixteen and I think that boys are just my friends. I started to get confuse when I was in first year high school, I liked protecting girls and I want to look strong in front of girls, but then I tried not to like girls because I know may parents would freak out, if I told them that I got attracted to girls(cuz we're Christian). Am I becoming a lesbian?
Asked Apr 29, 2013
Edited Apr 29, 2013
u maybe.. but this is how my family puts it vagina and vagina wont go together, and penis and penis wont go together..
Answered Apr 29, 2013
You might be a lesbian until you refuse to be with a guy ! If you imagine yourself being married to a dude then your just bi otherwise your lesbian .
Answered May 04, 2013
I'm sorta a lesbian too, and I know how you feel. Even though we are Christian too, I know that if my parents love me (and they do) they will accept it. So, your parents might be against it, but, ask yourself this "do they love me?"
Answered May 04, 2013
well u may be bi and I think tell ur parents if they luv u they will accept u
Answered Sep 18, 2013
girls are just like boys you will learn a girl will hurt u the same way a boy would.. try it n let it go
Answered Apr 23, 2014
I think your les by your description. If you feel sexually or romantically attracted to a girl then your les, if not then you might be bi curious. But considering you don't like guys that way then you could be. But don't worry bout your parents, if they love you they won't care and they will support you. And don't be afraid to be who you are! :) but either way welcome to the community
Answered Apr 23, 2014
Why are people always so upset about theire sekse ?? U will know the moment u fall in love, and if anyone doesn't like ur love tell them to suck theire daddy's little dick.
Answered Apr 23, 2014
If you only have sexual feelings towards women, you're a lesbian. And religion will not change that - all if will do is try and suppress it which makes it so much harder for everyone. Wait, and see how you feel, you might develop a relationship with a woman and then you'll know and can tell your parents. If they really love you more than they love their religion which wants to stifle their daughter, then they will accept it openly, and defend your sexuality too.
Answered Jun 09, 2014
if u get feelings for girls than ur a lesbian.
Answered Jun 16, 2014
Edited Jun 16, 2014

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