Should I go to the doctor or just do what ive been doing?

ive been sick since 4/18/2013, I had a fever of 102.5 for 3 days then it went down too 100.4 and its still at 100.4........i still have a slight cough, the body aches are going away, my sinuses are draining and I have slight headaches and dizziness......... not as severe as it was in the beginning.......ive been talking garlic, elderberry, oregano oil and 4/28/2013 I took my temp again and its 102.4.......whats wrong with me? I don't feel hot.....i use the forehead thermator... should I go to the dr for antibiotics? why is my temp going up and down? my dr uses the ear thermaetor, he just places it behind my ear and it beeps.....i dunno if the temp will be the same? ive been laying down and resting and eat chicken noodle soup and drinking water, I even got up to wash dishes and help clean (habit) family told me to go lay back down...
Asked Apr 28, 2013
I think that you should go to the doctor. You are doing everything right, but you should go to the doctor if you're sick.
Answered Apr 30, 2013

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