Good ways to shave pubic area (girl)

I'm 14 and I'm going on holiday soon and wear bikinis. I have hair in that area and want to get rid of it. Should I shave it or what? I don't want my mum knowing I do it though, it would be awkward.
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Asked Apr 28, 2013
I think sugaring is better than waxing. :-)

Your mom is going to know you shaved (or something) if she sees you in your swimsuit, so you might want to talk to her upfront. She shouldn't be surprised. If she's wearing a swimsuit, she'll probably be doing the same thing.

Here's a video on shaving without getting razor bumps. You don't want razor bumps. They look like acne between your legs. The language gets a bit graphic, but the info is sound. Sorry I don't know of another good vid without the language issue.
Answered Apr 28, 2013
i think waxing would be way better than shaving :)
Answered Apr 28, 2013

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