I think my best friend likes me?

So I met her in 6 th grade and and my other friend introduced me to her and we started talking and we would always have a good time but then in 7 th grade she started to hang out with this girl that nobody like and then I moved away during 8 th grade and the we stopped talking for a while and then one day she texted me out of the blue and it was like I never missed anything then I told her I was bi then she said she was to and we were ok with each other and then one nite we were texting and she asked me if I wanted to go out and I said yes but at the sametime I was still confused about myself so then we broke up after 2 days and we stopped talking now I'm in 9th grade now she avoided me at first then we slowly started talking again the I saw the girl she hung out with all the time she was not fit to be her friend she was mean to everyone that I know of and she can not keep a secret and the girl I likes tells her everything and I find it stupid that she told her my secret that I'm bi and was personally pissed off but I got over it then near valentines day I asked her out cuz I relly liked her again we were talking almost all the time and we always had good laughs and after I asked her out she stopped talking to me I was devistated and then I assumed her answer was no but evenitally we started talking again and now me her and are best friend that both love (in a friend way) were doing a group project and she always touchs me and we cuddle idk I feel so confused I don't know what to do should I confront her or just see we're it goes ?
Asked Apr 28, 2013
Ask her trust me if shes your BF ask her or just pull her face and go for it.
Answered Apr 28, 2013

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