How can I cut myself without my parents finding out?

Asked Apr 26, 2013
my friend did this!! STOP! dont do it!!! please? my friend had to go to a therapist, drank clorox, and nearly died. dont do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Answered Apr 30, 2013
Believe me cutting yourself does not solve anything, it just makes things worse! It makes ur family and friends worried and scared to death about u. Hurting yourself won't stop the pain in ur heart and mind. Your body isn't ur heart or mind. I believe in u! U will be fine! Think of ur future, what do u want to do for a dream job? Where do u want to go for a wonderful vacation with ur boyfriend/girlfriend? There are amazing things in life! You just have to stay away from the bad.

Answered Jun 01, 2013
As a former cutter, I can tell you that you don't wanna cut yourself. You'll get scars all over your body, and you'll feel so guilty. But if you insist on knowing, then I shall tell you. The key to do it without anyone knowing is #1 the place you cut.pick somewhere to cut other than the wrist. Like your hips, biceps, thighs. Etc. Somewhere that's not obvious. #2 Do it late at night when everyone is asleep or as time no one is in the house/place at the moment. #3 get EVERYTHING you need to cut with. Something safe and cleaner. Not glass or something l. Preferably a pencil blade or x acto knife. Or a CLEAN razor blade. After you cut your preferred place, makes sure to clean up any blood any thing like hat.ake sure to clean the wounds a and put bandages on. I pit long sleeve shirts on, or pants (depending where you cut.) And clean anything in the washer (or sink if your not aloud to use the washer.) Alone while everyone is asleep or away. Have fun. I do not insist that you cut, but the choice is yours.
Answered Aug 07, 2016
Edited Aug 07, 2016

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