I am starving myself and feel like I'm gonna pass out, should I stop?

I am starving myself and people are trying to tell me stop they are telling me I am going to die but I don't care
What should I do?
I have been feeling like I'm gonna pass out.
Asked Apr 26, 2013
Of course, please don't ever do. I used to do that, and it can really damage you internally. Why are you okay with dying?
Answered Apr 26, 2013
well would you rather live or die? if you want to go on a healthy diet start eating healthy stuff not starve yourself !
Answered Apr 27, 2013
I'm guessing that your starving yourself because you think you're fat? Well that's not true, you aren't fat, make yourself believe that. Everyone sees in the mirror all of the bad things about them and don't see anything good. Believe in yourself and stop starving yourself, because that can end up worse than eating way too much! If people are saying your going to die then it sounds like you are anorexic, and that's really not a good thing. I suggest that you go and see someone about it, and they can help you. Because anorexia is a mental illness aswell as a physical one!
Answered Apr 27, 2013

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