Am I still a virgin and did I do the right thing by saying no?

im a girl. when I was 10 me and this girl who was 13(plus more people) were playing truth or dare it was clean at first but everyone started falling asleep we were the only 2 left so she dared me to suck her tits I did it 4 awhile she had nice tits lol but at that age I didnt know it was for her pleasure. months later she asked me can I do it again we were not playing the game this time I said no. 2 yr. later im now 12 she stays at my house cause her mom had to go out of town. she asked me did I remember what we did I said yes . then she said naughty stuff that she wanted to do with me. so hours later still at my house she calls me to sit beside her on the bed and get under a blanket (notice im 12 she is 15) I understand this is not her first time doing somthing like this. I get nervous and politely say I dont wanna do this anymore. after that she looked pissed but she understood. im young and not ready the thing I did when I was 10 was a accident. im older now and I know what sex is. I would have hated myself if I stayed under that blanket with her. this might sound like a good thing to some people lol but is was a horibble experience. did I do the right thing by saying no and do I still have my virginity
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Asked Apr 26, 2013
You do still have your virginity as technically what you did wasn't engaging in sexual activity. You definitely did the right thing by saying no, losing your virginity isn't something you want to rush into or do with just's always best to wait until you are ready. If someone is pressuring you to do that, or anything else you don't want to do I recommend cutting ties with them or telling an adult about what they want you to do and how you feel about. Hope this helps. :)
Answered Apr 27, 2013
Yes your still a virgenity :D I wish there were more people like you who dont want to rush this kind of stuff you should wait to get married and the girl didnt understand that sex is a speacial expirence that you should save for the person you realy love!
Answered Apr 27, 2013
Def still a virgin until pentration happens. U Def did the right thing. Def not her first time. Sex is supposed to be a scared act between husband and wife. Not an act that is just performed to say I had sex. It's Def something that you should address way later in life when you are responsible enough to handle the emotions and anything that comes as a result of having sex. Too many young people these days use sex as a toy and then most can't handle the consequences of wanting to have sex so young.
Answered May 03, 2018

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