Why do I notice a lot off women being rude, and or obnoxious to unattractive guys

I have personally experienced this phenomenon myself, but I have also seen it happen at parties, clubs, etc, to other men. If a man who is not seen as attractive to a girl attempts to engage her in any type off conversation, or even just glances at her, she immediately reacts rudely and obnoxiously. Almost as if she is offended that someone she doesn't personally find attractive would dare approach her. Now don't get me wrong, I understand that some guys just are not there type. However, when a girl I personally don't find attractive asks me out, I always do my very best not to hurt their feelings. I almost always have a better day becAuse off it; I like to consider it a complement. Maybe it's just because I'm a guy and men do this as well, I am not trying to make this about gender. However I personally have seen MANY women do this. What is the thought process behind their behavior?

P.S. Please forgive my formatting and grammer. I am writing on a iPhone and its kind off tough.
Asked Apr 26, 2013
Edited Apr 26, 2013
Welcome to the, "all about me" generation but hang on to that thought. That's an effective tool to recognize the females that you wouldn't date if you and she were stuck on a remote island with no hope of ever being found. :-)
Answered Apr 26, 2013
Edited Apr 26, 2013
Cause no matter what the cases. Women always have this thought of its gotta be me! I need to get that men before anybody else does. Though, I don't understand though why they do it. If any guys ever came to me. I would be like you. Though I don't just shut them down. I put them in the friend zone. Not trying to be rude or anything. Just sometimes guys like to ask a girl without even trying to get to know us. We like to feel like you actually are interested in being our friend, That literally I would think is the fastest way to a girls heart. Is getting to know her heart first. Then if it comes time to it. Then ask her. But also you guys are also very hard to read sometimes. Were not meaning anything by it. Its just some girls are rude. Some are also scared. Depending on all the girls you've or other guys have gone after. But yeah I hope this helps. :)
Answered Feb 01, 2015

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