I asked girl out and ske asked for my bussienss card?

I saw this girl at this event and I asked her out and I am not sure she blew me off nicely or not,Here is how it happened, I asked her "we should hang out sometimes", she replied definitely give me ur business card, I told her I don't have one. Then she gave me her phone to type my number there.
Note: I only know her first name and I dont know how to get to her plus how long should I wait for her to call me if she is interested?
She knows me from previous talks in the event, I know her name and she knows my name and we talked before
Asked Apr 25, 2013
Edited Apr 25, 2013
Just go on with your life and deal with her when and if she calls. She may ask for business cards to learn if you're employed and what you do for a living. Maybe you should give yourself an impressive title and have some printed. :-)
Answered Apr 25, 2013
I agree with Rob.

Plus, asking for a business card may be completely normal to her. It's an everyday thing in my life, and I carry personal and professional cards nearly all the time... keep spares in the cars. Even my teenager has a business card. Her asking for your card may mean nothing.
Answered Apr 25, 2013

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