I have gay dreams but I'm not gay what should I do

I'm 13 and I have been having dreams about having sex with guys but I most definitely not gay what does it mean
Asked Apr 25, 2013
Well nothing if your not gay your not gay dreams are random thoughts you brain stirred up its not like if you have dreams about gay sex that it means your gonna die or somthing but if your not gay your not gay
Answered Apr 26, 2013
Well it's normal for a boy to experiment. You can try to do that and see if you are gay
Answered Nov 11, 2013
take injoy gay sex. its really nice and u feel well after sex.
if u r ready I m provided u sex
Answered Jan 28, 2014
Most of these answers are horrible...
But calm down mate, honestly, you're only what? Thirteen? Just go with it, don't try and label it, I know it's frustrating but just see where it takes you, it's okay if you are gay, society is very accepting now.

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Answered Mar 24, 2014
then you are BI but you like girls more than guys though
Answered Jan 20, 2016
Well u can have gay sex at any age want to hook up
Answered Jul 24, 2013

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