Is it wrong to date someone that's 14 years older than you?

Asked Apr 24, 2013
If the younger person is a minor under the law in that jurisdiction, the adult can be charged with a number of serious crimes depending on whether there is sex involved. In that case it is legally wrong and most people consider it morally wrong.. The purpose is to prevent adults from preying on children for sexual purposes. If both people are adults, there is no such age limitation.

Answered Apr 24, 2013
so your saying if there's no sex involved it's legal to date?
amor_b Apr 24, 2013
Not at all. It depends on the laws where you live and how your parents feel about it. Most areas have laws like, "Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor." If your parents push the issue, the police will find a way because the vast majority of people would consider an adult that wants to date children a pedophile, regardless of whether sex is involved or not.
Rob Apr 24, 2013
There's also a crime called "Soliciting a Minor." These are very serious offenses. Judges tend to be more harsh with penalties for people who are convicted of these crime. Child sex offenders get much worse treatment from their fellow inmates in prison, too... and everywhere they live after release from prison, they have to register in that community as a child sex offender. They can't live near schools, libraries, etc. because they are considered a danger to children for the rest of their lives. If you're under 18, date someone your own age.

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