I get panic attacks and anxiety, is it okay to drink 2 beers?

I get panic attacks and anxiety almost everyday, I also take antibiotics temporary for an ear infection and I also take birth control, is it safe and OKAY to drink 2 beers?
Asked Apr 23, 2013
I'm not a doctor, but I'm inclined to agree with MohitMago. I don't think mixing alcohol with an anxiety disorder is a recipe for success. For a better answer, ask the physician who prescribed your antibiotics and/or birth control, or whoever's treating your anxiety.
Answered Apr 24, 2013
No its not.
Answered Apr 23, 2013
It's never okay to drink two beers, especially when you're stressed
Answered Jun 11, 2013
I think that is not a good idea. Although alcohol can temporarily reduce symptoms of social anxiety which is the reason many turns to it. Based on my research, alcohol can also increase anxiety, irritability, or depression a few hours later or the next day.

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Answered May 23, 2018

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